Maternity shoot by the water

 It's been months since I talked with this girl that works next door about a maternity shoot for her in her eight month of pregnancy. It was a lot of months ahead and a lot of waiting to do, and I was also scared that she may not continue eager to make the shoot with me. In the past I've offered my image taking to a lot of people, and to most of them for free, and the vast majority just says "I'll let you know, as soon as I get X done". And that's it, I never hear from them again. But with her it was different, she was really excited, really into it, she even paid for some one to make a dress for this occasion only.   The day finally arrived, we talked about doing the shoot in a park that's by a lagoon, it has a couple of docks, and a lot of greenery, benches and places very nice to use in pictures. They even have a couple of bridges. I was really worried, I wanted everything to turn out fine, my biggest fear was that my flash wouldn't be enough for th

Trying street photography (kinda)

A couple of Sundays ago I went on a small journey during the morning. I've been getting up early for almost a month now and I have the need to leave the house right away, call it delusion of persecution or anything else you want, but the fact is I need to get out. So during weekdays I come early to work and on Sundays it means going somewhere else, in this case a couple of different places. The Sunday I'm talking about I started by going to a park that's by a lagoon. It has benches and paths to walk and run, so I sat for a while to watch the Sunrise and then I did some walking to get some exercise done.  During my Sunrise watching I grabbed my point and shoot and took some pictures, and because this is something I do for my self I converted everything to black and white.   After a short while I went downtown, to get some breakfast in a place I haven't been for ages, and since it's located inside the main square, I took some time to sit on one of the benches and look

Starting all over again

 It's been several months since I last posted something on Blogger. I used to have a blog named Orthusphoto, where I talked about everything in my life photography related. With this blog "The life of Orthus", I want to write not only about my passion for photography and showcase the pictures I take, but also talk about other aspects in my life, good or bad.  I wanna be able to talk about a bad day or even something I don't agree with, even post a rant or two from time to time. So, this is my new blog, I have no idea if people would read it, but I intend to post everything I can, and hopefully with lots of pictures. See you soon!